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Professional Credit Management, Inc. (PCM) is an accounts receivable company.  We provide receivable billing and recovery services to health care providers, banks, finance companies, commercial and retail businesses, utilities, and other product and service providers with accounts receivable.  Since 1980, PCM has provided high quality receivables solutions.  PCM is licensed, bonded and insured.

Our commitment to improve service through employee incentive, industry affiliations, on-going training programs, and technology has allowed our collections division to recover receivables for our clients at a  rate higher than national collection agency averages.

Mission Statement

Professional Credit Management's Mission is to

  • Provide quality accounts receivable services in a professional manner;
  • Protect our clients' relationship with its patient or customer; and
  • Earn our clients' trust through integrity and satisfaction.


Professional Credit Management began serving clients in March, 1980.  

The corporation's market was Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Since that time, PCM has experienced substantial growth and it's client base has expanded to communities throughout Arkansas and it's surrounding states- Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.


Client service is the foundation of our success. We are committed to providing an exceptionally high quality debt collection product. 


When unpaid credit problems arise in your business, PCM can respond by designing and implementing a high quality collection program that will be cost effective and characterized by our service commitment. 


PCM's history reveals that our clients are satisfied with the debt collection services they receive. Our growth is a result of constant effort to improve service and a dedication to providing our employees thorough training, the best tools for the job and an incentive to produce results.Our commitment to service is also evident in our willingness to insure our clients against errors or omissions.  Our concern is not only collecting your claim, but also protecting you from liability.

Whether your collection needs are for "early-out" services, payment plan management, delinquent account collections or third party liability claim collections, PCM is uniquely qualified to serve your needs.


PCM combines an unparalleled commitment to debt collections with an equally important commitment to effectively training and motivating our staff.


Whether the employee collects debts over the phone, enters payments received in the mail or prepares important documents, he or she participates in an extensive training program. Training is vitally important to our employee's success and to our clients' recovery of their receivables.


Asking another person to pay an unpaid debt is not a job for the novice, nor is it a job for a person with certain personality traits. Our staff selection process starts before employment. Each applicant for employment participates in aptitude and behavioral testing. After the staff member has been hired he or she begins a training program. Classroom type instruction and testing is administered on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and on state laws affecting creditor's remedies and debtor's rights. Instruction on proven debt collection strategies and method is stressed.


Finally, collectors practice what they have learned under the watchful eye of a supervisor, who also has been trained to teach. Productivity in the work place is enhanced if the individual employee benefits economically and emotionally from a job well done. It is the corporation's desire and goal that our employees are secure in and satisfied with their employment. PCM employees are trained and compensated with that goal in mind. As a result of our employee's increased productivity, our clients benefit with greater recovery of their unpaid accounts.


The nation's economy is driven by the extension and repayment of credit. Our vast and complex economy, with its dependency on the extension of credit, has an undesirable by-product: unpaid credit. Unpaid credit is a burden on our economy and on the unpaid creditor. There is so much unpaid credit that the task of collecting it, quickly and fully, requires a serious commitment to productivity.


Productivity in the debt collection industry requires acquiring, maintaining and upgrading automated collection systems. We view our commitment to automated collections as the foundation upon which a productive work place is built.


PCM utilizes debt collection technology that has become widely respected within the debt collection industry and appreciated by our clients. Our Columbia Ultimate Business Systems' software and Information Access Technology software provide superior performance in the areas of debtor contact, tracing transient debtors, client reporting and paralegal services.  


Advanced technology also allows our clients to be more efficient.  PCM provides client's with a secure online portal via our website.  From their account, clients can upload data and download productivity reports.  Individual accounts can be tracked, balances verified, updated information exchanged, direct payments reported and more!  PCM is also capable of receiving your consumer/patient information in electronic format and importing the information to our systems.


Most importantly, our commitment to productivity, through technology, combined with our commitment to effective employee training and performance produces greater recovery of unpaid credit for our clients - and that's what really matters.