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What services does PCM provide?

Professional Credit Management, Inc. offers solutions for businesses of all size..... Contact us for a free consultation on how we can assist you and your business.

Delinquent Collections

If in-house delinquent collection efforts are proving to be difficult, costly, and a bit disappointing, PCM can provide premier collection agency services.  Collection work is often tedious and challenging, but at PCM, we have experienced staff and industry leading technology that has allowed us to recover debt at rates notably higher than national collection agency averages.  PCM has access to legal counsel and utilizes a network of agencies and law firms for the collection of distant claims.  We utilize various collection tools, including letters, auto phone dialers, national search directories, extensive local databases, credit reporting and much more!  You help determine the collection tools that fit your situation and the needs of your business.

Early-Out Services 

Our "Early-Out" services allow PCM to function as an extension of your accounts receivable department, without all the overhead such as employee costs, office space, and other valuable resources.  PCM, through its subsidiary, Trinity Billing Solutions ("TBS"), can act as your billing agent, produce / mail statements, setup payment plan options, create coupon payment books and conduct written and verbal correspondence with customers.  You help determine the components that are appropriate for your business and customers.

Account Scoring 

PCM offers an account segmentation program, "Acumen! Business Intelligence."  By providing scoring mechanishms, you can now predict accounts that will generate the most revenue, liquidate the fastest and those accounts that tend not to liquidate despite best efforts to the contrary.

Payment Plan Management

We know that in today's economy, in order to be competitive, businesses allow customers to setup payment plans when necessary.  Has managing and monitoring payment plans become an overwhelming job, costing too much in the way of time and resources?  PCM can help.  We have experienced staff, systems technology and the "know-how" to manage and monitor payment plans in a cost effective manner.

Third Party Liability Claims

Third party liability ("TPL") claims, such as patients injured in motor vehicle accidents or injured at work often present healthcare providers challenging lien filing and claim submission requirements.  PCM has competent, experienced staff and technology to effectively process TPL claims.

It all Sounds Good, So How are PCM Fees Structured?

Good question.  For collection, early out and payplan management services, PCM works with clients on a contingency fee basis.  Our clients pay us only when we have been successful in recovering monies for them....No collection-no fees!  We're motivated to recover your receivables!  No up-front, hidden, membership fees or expenses.  Contingency rates vary based upon factors such as volume, balances, and specific services provided.  Please contact PCM for a customized quote.


Regarding Account Scoring and Third Party Liability services, please contact PCM for a customized quote.


Having been in business since 1980, we can almost certainly assure you that if you're looking for contingency or flat fees in this industry lower than that of PCM, you can find them.  We've seen competition absorb low rates, provide bad results, and come and go.  Historically, PCM has provided a better net return to its clients than any of our competition.  When shopping for collection services, please be sure to consider more factors than fee alone.